Monday, August 9, 2010


as of this Saturday
 I have officially been blogging for 2 months!
I can't believe I not only stuck with blogging but am so addicted to it. 
(I have a history of quitting things....piano, guitar, karate, violin, dance...maybe I stick with it because blogging doesn't require much physical activity from me.)
In honor of sticking with my awesome-blossom blog I am doing an 
(..this is quite narcissistic isnt it? My assumption that you are just dying to ask things of me and know all you can know about my oh-so-interesting life?)
I'm pretty much an open book so nothing is off limits...and nothing is going to shock me so ask your ass off! Go on...don't be scurred.

My most commonly asked questions generally have to do with being raised by gay parents, growing up without a mom, having back surgery before I was 24, being agnostic and being pregnant before we got married.


  1. Congratulations on your 2 month blogerversary!! P.S. I dont know if you know anything about "blogging conferences" because you are a newbie and all, but there is a HUGE blog conference that is going to be in Nashville (where I LIVE!!!!) in January! Its called Blissdom 2011 you can google it. You better be there so we can sit in the corner and make fun of people together!

    Also- I want to know about all of the things you mentioned: gay parents, mom-less, back painz, shotgun wedding, and nonGod. Thanks!

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