Thursday, August 19, 2010

Operation "New Deodorant"

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Several weeks ago I noticed that my deodorant was, for lack of a better word, sucking the big one. I was stinky moments after stepping outside and that just wasn't gunna fly. 
I am generally a sweaty beast and have always used mens deodorant because I felt that it worked better..well not anymore ladies! 
Enter Secret Clinical Strength
 I was skeptical-especially at over $9 for 1.6oz but it was worth every penny!
I haven't used Secret since middle school gym class (when it was in that light blue case and left super sexy white powder on every inch of your clothes so that you would never have to wonder if you put deodorant on that morning.) In typical Cali fashion I spent a ridiculous amount of time debating between Dove Clinical and Secret Clinical since they were both the same size and price..I tend to get anxious that I am going to make "the wrong choice" when choosing completely frivolous items. In the end, I went with Secret and my friend went with Dove and we decided we would compare notes later in the week (she is equally as pleased with her choice as I am with mine.)
Ever since giving my pits a swipe I have been stink-free (even after sweating) and am happy to report that even though it is a white gel-like substance I have not had a single issue with the infamous white residue..even in black shirts!
I found an awesome deal at BJS Wholesale too! $14.99 for 2 big sticks and one small keep-in-your-purse stick! They are usually $9+ for just 1 stick. Awesome deal in my opinion..especially since my friend and I went shopping together and split a lot of the big stuff.

If you don't have a BJs membership but want to reap the benefits like I did go here to get your free 1-day pass. If you are more into Costco or Sams Club give your local club a call and ask about a day pass..but beware, it is addicting to shop in bulk and you may get home and realize you have no where to put your purchases. Not that I've ever done that or anything....


  1. Wow! I'm convinced:) I could use a better deodorant too!

  2. I'm convince 2 ,.. I just LoVe it ;-)

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