Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Are Not Always Puppies & Rainbows

More than a few times people have commented to me regarding my seemingly ever happy baby. Aside from general comments like "oh my goodness she is soo happy!" and "Is she always like this?" I have actually been asked if I only take pictures of my kid when she is smiling. The answer is no, no i dont but I do prefer her smiling pictures to her pensive ones so those are the ones that are shared most often.

One of my best friends, Sarah, told me that when we first met, and subsequently became Facebook friends, she began to wonder if I was full of shit. She told me (once we were bffs) that when she first read my statuses and saw my pictures she questioned if I could really be so in love with my baby/motherhood and she also questioned if my baby could really be that happy all the time.

By the time she told me this story we had spent a ridiculous amount of time together so she had experienced me and monkey for herself. She realized that Hayden is generally a super happy, laid-back baby but does have meltdowns when tired/hungry. She also realized that I am, in fact, crazy in love with my baby and motherhood (but not in an obnoxious frolick in a feild of daisys kind of way...otherwise Sarah totally wouldn't be friends with me.)

SO to prove that Miss Monkey is captured in less than perfect moments, I present you with the following:


  1. I'm the same way - I try to post pics of my little one looking adorable...but they kind of look cute when they're upset too. In my house, it will be very difficult to find a picture of Jenna with a pacifier - I hate pacifier (even though she uses it) and refuse to take pictures with it in her mouth! When she's older it'll be like she never used one - no proof!

  2. Awesome! I used to get compliments like that on my son... then he turned 3 and every bitter mom who resented the ease of his one's and two's got their wish. He's still an amazing, adorable, hilarious kid - but now he's got attitude, too. LOL
    I hope that Hayden continues to have a sunny disposition!! (And no jealous moms hex you! haha)

  3. Haha, I love these kind of photos!! Great post :)