Thursday, August 5, 2010

Milk anyone?

Cara aka The Milk is one of my favorite bloggers. She is sarcastic as hell, witty as anything and even more impressive is that it all actually comes through in her fabulous writing. I read one of her posts and had to ask her if I could share it with my readers since its...well it speaks for itself.


So I'm not going to get all verbatim on you, I'll paraphrase.

Jillian Michaels gave an interview to Women's Health magazine recently wherein she said 
something along the lines of not wanting her body to be RUINED by pregnancy, and as such she would be adopting when it came time for her to start a family.

I have two immediate reactions; 1. Does she think every woman who has carried a child has been 'ruined'? and 2. You selfish bitch.

I'm just sayin'.

I've had two babies. I gained about 1,000 pounds with my son, and he was born weighing 9 lbs, 14 oz. Needless to say, my shit was stretched to kingdom come- and we all know what happens when shit gets stretched that far. I didn't gain much weight with my daughter, and she was born at 7 lbs, 15 oz. Not a tiny baby, but not a babysaurus either. I delivered them both vaginally, I nursed both of them. Things will never be the same.

Do I care? Not. One. Bit. My body took a few hits aesthetically, but I have two wonderful children that I had the absolute pleasure of carrying. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Not for perkier breasts, not for fewer stretch marks, not for less dimples in my size 12 ass. And definitely not for my vanity. By the way, I still rock a string bikini in the privacy of my backyard- eff it.

Oh, and I pee when I jump on trampolines. But I made babies. Myeh...

The Milk, you fucking rock my world. 
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  1. haha where did you find cara at?? Did you know that she is my cousin!!!? Wow and i think i missed that post. Sounds like something Jillian would say.

  2. LMFAO @ i pee when i jump on the trampoline!!! tooo funny!

  3. umm i pee when i laugh too hard. it's all good - i have a beautiful daughter to thank for it and I literally dothank her everytime it happens to me. I was bitching about my stretch marks once and a vey smart lady said to me "wear them proud." And you know what, I do. My body got to do something amazing...i'll deal with the stretch marks!