Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Because...

Sunday was spent at the house of my college roommate, Casey..or Crazy Aunt Casey as Hayden will call her I'm sure. Here are a few pictures of our trip to a nearby park. Side bars: Those are Haydens new shoes. She wears them all the time and it's the cutest thing ever! My camera settings were messed up and I didn't realize so the pictures are crappy quality...Oh, and in case you ever forget bread like we did deer, goats and ducks apparently love graham crackers! 
H ate her graham cracker instead of feeding it to the animals.
Aunt Casey kisses!
Though Hayden met him when she was a baby this visit is when Hayden fell full on, stars in her eyes, head over heels in love with Casey's 13 year old brother Dylan (yes, she is already boy crazy!) Here he is being insanely cute with her.
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  1. aww Hayden is so friggin adorable. And you must be lying, she is always smiling. And Casey looks beautiful as always.

  2. Hayden is too cute!! I remember liking older boys when I was 4 or 5...they were like 17!! haha.