Monday, August 23, 2010

Honeymoon Memories

Becca from The Paro Post did a post like this awhile back and I kept it in the back of my mind to do one day. Lucky for you that day is here!! ::spirit fingers::

So, I was 4 months pregnant when we got married and almost 5 months preg when we took our honeymoon. Since we didn't have a ton of money to spend on an awesome honeymoon part of our wedding gift from my in-laws was our honeymoon. They flew us to Florida, covered a rental car for 2 weeks, let us stay at their condo and even set up some fun stuff for us to do!

I always love to get a "we just arrived" shot

All the Pelicans were a little too friendly..I was sure I was going to lose an ear or an eye so I kept my distance.

 I had never been to the West Coast of Florida before so I was hoping to go on an Air Boat ride in the Everglades but was told they go too fast for a pregnant chick. My in-laws found ones that go slow and got us passes! It was awesome..and we looked super sexy.

the most intense flip-flops you'll ever see! 

what do you mean you didn't play the tambourine on your honeymoon?!

not sure if there is no need to explain or if there is no way to explain

 We went to Sanibel Island. It has a beach that is completely covered in shells..and not crappy shells, amazing shells! We have all our finds in a glass vase in our house. 

My handsome hubby looking for shells

let me explain..We drove Anthonys dads pick up truck to the airport. Somehow the gate opened and Anthonys suitcase fell out (yes, just anthonys--angels were watching over me.) We only realized this once we got to the airport so I went in and he backtracked 45mins to see if he could find it. No luck but he did make it to the plane JUST IN TIME. An awesomely kind man found the suitcase on the side of the road and since I am a genius I made sure to put a luggage tag on his suitcase because otherwise it would still be missing. He called and Anthonys dad met up with him and shipped Ant the contents of his suitcase haha
It was a very happy day as you can see! 

We would frequent pier to watch the gorgeous sunsets

honeymoon or not, I always incorporate some sort of animal-related activity. This was a wildlife rescue preserve. 
  This thin fence was the only thing separating us from the bears and I loved every second of it. Anthony had to drag me away from trying to touch them because he said I was going to be one of those morons on the news. Thinking I could be friends with the bears..right before it eats me.

These trees are insanely beautiful and amazing. I had never seen anything like it and was mesmerized. Simply stunning. This was at The Edison & Ford Winter Estates
the belly had definitely grown since we first arrived!

Naples Zoo :-)
Nothing says "honeymoon" like a 3D horror movie

And that was our honeymoon! Simple, long, fun and awesome!
I totally almost forgot the best part of our honeymoon!!!!
We found out the sex of our baby!
We went into a 3D sonogram place and they said I was far enough along that they could tell the we went for it and in case you haven't guessed--it was a girl! If that wasn't special enough she also started kicking while on our honeymoon. 

Tell me about your honeymoon..and check back tomorrow for a semi-related surprise post. 


  1. what a super special honeymoon to also find out the sex of your baby!! That was such an exciting day for me and the hubs:). Looks like you guys had a blast and glad your hubs got his suitcase back!
    My husband was an avid surfer back in the day so we honeymooned in Costa Rica and it was an really neat place. It was their dry season though and my hubby did want to surf almost everyday so it felt more like every other day back home in California where he would surf and I would lay out...but, it was relaxing, beautful scenery, no one bothered us at night:), and the food was great!!

  2. OMG I wanted to link up to your tattoo post SO bad but my MIL would have a fit! if I did. if we werent the same person already, I definitely have a tattoo of a heart with wings. On my back. Are we sure we werent separated at birth?
    Also- I want to feature you on my blog. Friday. Do it!!

  3. sweet!!! i am so excited to be featured! Let me know if you need me to write anything special or just steal any of my posts. YAY!
    ps-you should do a tattoo post anyway! REBEL!!

  4. We go to Sanibel every summer! The shells there are absolutely amazing, I've never seen so many in my life. Looks like you guys had a great honeymoon and how exciting to get to find out the sex while there!