Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come and knock on our door Part I

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I don't know if other people experience this but we have always had crazy weird interesting neighbors.When I was younger it was the crazy lady who sent her twins out to play in full snow suits in the middle of summer. I'd love to know what those kids turned out to be like!
 Then it followed me to college when I lived in the dorm room next to my RA. She was a sassy little thing who would dress in crazy, barely-there outfits when going out and big fluffy slippers when staying in. She was hysterical and once told me and Anthony that we looked like brother and sister..Thanks Tanisha!

The next year we lived in a small house on the beach that was behind the landlords house. The wife wore clothes that were way too young for her (like a 50+ yr old wearing Wet Seal) and the husband would sit on their porch with binoculars watching people on the beach. He was a creeper to say the least. On top of that, around the corner was a motel that constantly had police cars with lights blaring outside. We are under the impression that some serious drug busts were going on.

We lived in a basement apartment next and the neighbors there were pretty nice and normal. One incident that sticks out however is the one time I was carrying a Costco size pack of toilet paper into the house and the old man next door shouted over "Not leaving the house for a while??" hardy har har.

Next was the BEST by far! Anthony and I often talk about our neighbors from this apartment and wish we still had them living by us for no other reason than pure entertainment. We could save tons on cable! First was the middle-aged man who lived below us. He seemed perfectly normal from what we could tell..until we would come home at night and see him standing in front of his sliding glass door (that faced the parking lot/all the other apartments) in his boxers, playing guitar. Awesome!

Things got screwed up with our apartment and we had to move a few doors down (yea, it super sucked) but we got a new, even more interesting neighbor! First was a couple who had a dog (which you weren't allowed to have) that barked incessantly. They were temporary because after them we got...well, we don't know what her name was but we lovingly called her Crazy. Crazy provided us with HOURS of entertainment. Anthony would often find me with my ear pressed to the cold, tile floor of the bathroom listening to her antics. 
When Crazy moved in she seemed relatively normal. We started hearing things coming from her apartment. Crazy things. The most common being her talking to what we believe to be her other personality (a little girl) and making cat noises (we know it was her because she was not very good at meow-mimicking.) She would spend an hour arguing with the "little girl" telling her to eat her vegetables and the "little girl" would argue back saying she didn't want to. Our stairway shared a wall with her living room which allowed for prime eavesdropping. I came home one night to find Anthony standing on the stairs with his ear pressed against the wall. I immediately knew what he was doing so I asked what Crazy was up to. He said he had been standing there for over an hour listening to her sing every single line to a musical she was watching on TV. After this happened we started wondering who was crazier, Crazy or the nuts upstairs spending hours listening to her.
She also seemed to have a slight case of OCD because every time she came home she would walk around her car a few times to check every door and then talk to herself the whole way from her car to her front door. 

Our neighbors are like living conversation pieces of our lives.
We currently have a few awesome neighbors but this post is getting too long so they will come in Part II.
Stay Tuned!! 

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