Friday, August 6, 2010

Things That Bring Me Happiness

Following in Katie aka my long lost twin's footsteps I decided to do a list (I love me some lists!) of things that bring me happiness (leaving out the obvi of family, friends etc.) As I was reading Katie's list I kept saying "ooo me too!" so some of her "happiness" is being copied applied here as well.

 Crumbs cupcakes. 
Doesn't the light make them look like little angels?

I cannot think of one single thing I don't like about this season. Its smell (I love the smell of burning leaf piles..or so I am told thats what that smell is), the colors, the food and the overall feel of comfy togetherness. It is also home to my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving.

I think I like Murray more than Hayden does.

I could eat delicious, sugary cereal for every meal...and sometimes I do.

Breakfast buffets.
do you really need further explanation??

How fancy and grown-up my feet feel when they have a french pedi.

Big, floppy puppy paws wiping big puppy eyes.
I also am a big fan of tiny puppy bodies that can't control their tiny puppy butts when they run.

Groundhogs, I love watching their chubby little bodies navigate grass looking for food. They're so cute!

Squirrels, They are nasty fuckers Im sure but I can't resist watching them..esp when eating. Its fascinating.
While I'm at it lets just throw the general category of animals in here too.

and beautiful mounds of fresh fruits and vegetables are at farmers markets.

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