Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Window Shopping Wednesday

Since we live in a 1 bedroom condo I have hourly daily dreams of what our house will one day be like, how we will decorate it and how Ant will finally have a "Man Room" to keep all his crap in! As I read blogs like Young House Love I am amazed and crazy jealous of all the clever and amazing ways they turned an old house into their beautiful home. I would take their house in a heartbeat..its so perfectly painted, decorated and furnished. Its just my size-not too big and not too small..and even has my oh-so-desired sun room & back yard! My only problem with this dream home is the kitchen...its so beautiful but I have amazing dreams of a nice big kitchen. One where our friends and family would gather and laugh and eat and talk about how I amazing I am our house is...::sigh::
 Anyway, while looking at these pictures I started questioning what style I will go with when we do have a house. I love woods but I seem to be drawn to white because of the crisp, clean feeling.
Here are some that caught my eye...thoughts?

The middle one is a little too low..I prefer higher beds. I love how the last one has storage drawers..I love storage! I really haven't looked much other than at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn but I am going to start obsessing I think. Any suggestions?
While at the mall today my bff4eae (yup..that just happened) showed me these little beauties in Soma:

They are completely stay-put...and not just say they stay put while they give you your annual pap-they actually stay put. I cannot wait to get some! 
(however, they are about $14 and I have a hard time spending that much on underwear..but they do have a buy 3 get 2 free deal going on right now so check it out. They also have some super cute tops.)

Aside from beds and underwear 
(wow, Im a real wild woman!)
I want this bad boy SO BADLY 
(hopefully we'll get it in the next few months.)
 It even has attachments that clean the carpet!!

And finally...something I actually purchased:
You have to go look at the pictures for yourself because it is fabulous! I have never bought a dress like this (form fitting) but it actually made me look thinner so I am all over that! I have a wedding in Sept and I'm gunna be hoooooooooooooot! (as long as Spanx are involved)


  1. i stumbled on your blog and i must say it's cute. i actually live in a 2 bedroom apartment, but still share a room with my son and well i can't wait til we get a bigger place so that my son can have his own room. i love the pictures of your chosen bed frames and it's cute i like the last one as well, and the fact that it has storage makes it even better.

  2. What a cute and fun (funny) blog, very enjoyable. I have to say I like the last bed as well. I love white too, because of the clean feeling!

  3. I have a steam mop and loveeee it!!! you have to get one! And I am obsessed with pottery barn I get so excited when the catalog comes in the the last one storage is always a plus =)