Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Florida Thus Far

As you probably read last week, we finally arrived in Florida after 20+ hrs in the car. Though we don't have too many pics yet (we've just been lazy & recovering from the car ride. We only hit the pool a little and went outlet shopping today) here are some to update you on what we've been up to.
 Snackin and Watchin movies--what a life!

after bath hotel streaking!
(this was our overnight stay in North Carolina. H wanted to go into the hall and since no one was out there we let her "be free"...getting her back into the room and in clothes was quite the struggle)

stretching her legs at a rest stop
 (we 100% have a walking baby now! Though the falling is non-stop..her poor knees!)
 finally at the condo and stuck under a table

hanging out in her new wagon (she hasn't quite mastered getting out of it)

the freak-ass bug outside our door and one of the bagillion lizards I am obsessed with.

many many more to come!


  1. Welcome to Florida! We love our lizards LOL! And isn't that amazing that kids can WATCH TV in the CAR? Never would've imagined that when I was a kid!

  2. Welcome to florida! Love your blog! I am going to add your button on my page. BTW, I HATE lizards, they creep me out :) My husband thinks that is crazy since there are so many here.

  3. my blog is kind of like yours...motherhoodmusicandbeer.blogspot.com