Thursday, August 26, 2010

G'day Mate!

I hope you are enjoying these British welcome titles as much as I am!
Well...If you are reading this it means I am still driving in a car on my way to Florida. 
I am probably cursing out everyone in the car for convincing me to drive to Florida with a 14 month old & a 71 year old, I have most likely resorted to eating junk food in the car to entertain myself/stop myself from killing anyone and I am definitely on my way to, if I haven't already arrived, to bitchy town.

I really will try to post soon after arriving so stay tuned because if that isn't soon I am getting out and walking.
20+ hours later, 1 night in a hotel room where H barely slept and a lot of eye rolls later we are finally at the condo in Florida! Hayden was A-MAZING in the car. She far exceeded my expectations (granted, they weren't too high)-she had zero melt-downs, only fussed every so often when she just wanted to get out and stretch her little legs or when she was hungry. Totally awesome! instead of letting you think she is just perfect on her own I will tell you my secret: A travel dvd player! It was the KEY to her happiness. I have never, will never again (hopefully) and never thought I would ever let my child watch that much tv in a sitting but anything to keep her from freaking out because lets face it a 20+ hr car ride blows regardless of your age. Thanks to the Curious George 2 movie, Sesame Street episodes on dvd and a Jim Henson animal dvd she was thoroughly entertained and as a result Mama got some sleep and danced/sang her heart out.
Here is a little map of our journey. We stopped for 1 night on the boarder of NC and SC-pics to come.

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